Workspaces:9 Practice Based Change

IKM hosted a workshop in late February 2012 in London to consider the implications of its work, and related work done by others, for development practice and for the policy and funding frameworks which aim to support practice.


Workshop Report

Minutes from the workshop 20-21 February 2012

Overviews - brief summaries of IKM experience with specific areas of practice

Local Knowledge, Local Content and IKM Emergent 2.0 by Pete Cranston
Planning for Emergence Hannah Beardon

Planning for Unpredictability by Mike Powell

Background/ Discussion Papers

Y pensamos, “Qua pasaria si…?

And we thought, “what would happen if…?” CARE Peru’s Emergent Culture of Learning for Social Change by Elisa Martinez

Emergent Struggles

Emergent struggles: Local activism and the 'Equal and Fair Wage' campaigns in the Janakpur area, Nepal by Michael Drinkwater and Diana Wu

IKM: Working with Change

A reflection on participants’ experiences of working with the IKM Emergent Programme by Hannah Beardon and Daniel Guijarro