Publications and Work in Progress

We are currently working on a book which is based on what we learned during the IKM Emergent Programme. Some drafts of parts of this can be found on the Challenging Ignorance page.  We are also sharing related writings by ourselves and others on the Other Material page.

All materials produced by Emergent Works Ltd or, solely, by IKM Emergent are published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike License. This allows people and institutions to reproduce or to keep our material on their servers subject to certain conditions.  If anyone is interested in making other use of what is here, please get in touch. IKM Emergent material co-published with others and other material shared through this site may be subject to different arrangements. Please check the 'Rights Information' section in the metadata about each document.

We want our work to be available to anyone who is interested in it.  However, no one is currently contributing to the time and cost of its production.  We therefore ask properly resourced institutions to buy what is offered on this site. Those that do so will receive a proper receipt in the course of the on-line transaction. Individuals are welcome to download and use our material for free although, if you are in a position to make one, a donation would be much appreciated.