Consultancy and Support

Emergent Works aims to help organisations in the international development and research sectors develop new working practices which will make them better able to meet their own goals. Its members have particular experience of:

  • working creatively in contexts of emergence and unpredictability
  • exploring the new opportunities such contexts generate
  • guiding productive multi-stakeholder exchanges across the multiple boundaries of discipline, culture, gender and class
  • working with multiple knowledges and multiple understandings of development
  • developing effective processes for transparent and accountable management in contexts of emergence

Emergent Works is not a 'solutions provider' in the traditional consultancy sense.  It does not see the contexts in which most development or development research organisations work as being conducive to external prescriptions.  Its preferred role is to guide and support internal change processes.  This may consist of helping design and facilitate change events, such as workshops and conferences.  It may involve a longer term, if occasional, accompaniment of internal reflective or evaluative processes.  Emergent Works is also ready to work in a more detached role, offering an external service in processes such as feasibility studies, tender appraisal and evaluations, consistent with its understanding of and experience of managing in complex and emergent environments.  

For further information please contact Mike Powell (mike at