Vines 1 and Vines 2 Design Goals

For the first version of Vines (Vines 1) there was a number of design goals

  • The system should enable automatic updating from different sources
  • The system should visualize the terminologies used for subject indexing and make these available for navigation
  • It should be possible to integrate the system in different websites and have the” look and feel “ of the website of an organization.
  • The system should run inasmuch as possible using standard software components (as it would not be possible to maintain code that would be developed specifically for this purpose )

For the second version (Vines 2) all design goals of the first version apply. On top of those there were a number of specific requirements

  • The terminologies and pointers to information items should be available as RDF triples and the triple store should be accessible as a SPARQL endpoint
  • The system should be able to communicate with external automatic indexing services, particularly the Thomson-Reuter OpenCalais service
  • The system should allow mapping between vocabularies and make these mappings available in the triple store