Challenging Ignorance

The main work in slow progress is a book called ‘Challenging Ignorance: what we don't know about making change’, which is being written by Mike Powell and Sarah Cummings. For a number of reasons, it is taking us far longer to complete than originally envisaged, though this may mean it has become richer over time. When it is published, the main text of the book will be available here for sale in printed form and, along with appendices and the bibliography, on-line. In the meantime, the following drafts have already been shared and used:

One Prologue, 2020, is a draft of the lead author's prologue to the book explaining how he came to be involved with it and some of the history and features of the IKM Emergent Programme on which the book is based

Challenging Ignorance, Part 1, 2016 is a draft of the part of the book which explains the basics of our approach to knowledge and development

Between Thought and Expression, 2017 is a first draft of what will either be an appendix or a separate publication, which looks at the artefacts used in the development sector to create and communicate knowledge.