Description of applications

The following demonstration sites have been developed

Vines 1

  • Euforicvines was populated from a newsfeed that was generated by adding a tag to items in the Euforic network that originated from the South. The tags are from a folksonomy that is regularly standardized and used by a network of knowledge workers from the development sector.
  • Codesriavines gives access to a feed of the latest articles from Codesria journals. The taxonomy used is the OECD thesaurus (that Codesria uses). So this is Southern content indexed with a thesaurs from an international organization.
  • Ikmvines combines Euforicvines and Codesriavines

Note that the source files are no longer maintained and that therefore

Vines 2

  • IKM Semantic is populated with feeds from IFPRI and FARA. The keywords from the originators are extracted and the same items are also Indexed according to the Thomson Reuters methodology ("Open Calais") Open Calais generates many different vocablaries. The RDF that is generated uses internal URI's. No effort has been done to map The "industry terms" vocabulary is displayed here as it contains the most meaningful subject terms. From this page different vocabularies can be mapped to each other using proporties from the SKOS vocabulary .


Technically Vines 1 and Vines 2 are using the Core and a number of custom modules of the Content Management System Drupal 6. Exp[eriments have been done with Drupal 7, where many RDF features are integrated in the core rather than add ons (as they are in Drupal 6) Unformtunately the OpenCalais module for Drupal 7 was not available at that time, so the Alle systems are updated from RSS feeds.

  • Vines 1 sites (Euforicvines, Codesriavines and Ikmvines) use the following modules:
    • Feed API to administer the Feeds
    • Feed API nodes to turn feed items into nodes of different content types (depending on the originator)
    • CCK and specifically Content Taxonomy to populate taxonomies from the keywords fields of different feeds
    • Tagadelic to create word clouds.
  • Vines 2 site Ikmsemantic uses all those contributed modules and on top of that it uses
    • RDF module and specifically RDF CCK to map specific feed item nodes to RDF URI's
    • Open Calais
    • SPARQL API to create the SPARQL endpoint