Where are we at with IKM-Emergent 1

  • Please submit all invoices for this workshop, pieces of work commissioned for it and coming out of it (synthesis from it by Hannah);

Upcoming work:

  • Piece of work by Hannah Berdou on ??
  • Piece of work on Nepal by CARE (Michael).
  • Book by Mike and Sarah on how the development world is changing - probably self-published in an e-book form. Our audience? 
    • Important to create a buzz around the book by publishing it chapter by chapter, blogging about each etc. creating stories and eliciting feedback.
    • Work on a reviewable book 'a la Time Internet Alliance'
  • Book by Michael and Kemly on local knowledge.
  • Book by Ineke Buskens and ?? about ??
    A series of articles by Sarah;
  • A series of articles about traducture by Wangui (one on literary aspects and another on development work) - unclear how much we can support this part of the work.
  • (already produced) book by Dan Baron Cohen.