Local knowledge and content

(Mike, Pete)

  • Distortion of knowledge
  • Language and the web (traducture etc.)
  • Comparative localisation of technology and information: Is FB universal? / impact of wifi in Bangkok (all ) / MxIT / fightback to US domination / context of visualisation.
  • Who?
  • IKM2 local and particular knowledges and content (LPKC)
  • Digital information artifacts and LPKC: FarmAfripedia and other uses of open media / non ICT media- dance music, objects. 
  • Sense making: sensitisation and enabling the development of empathy between dev actors / evaluation for dev programmes / autonomous social movements / local knowledge processes.
  • Who? Large African network of those we have connected in IKM3 and before
  • How? IKM practice: create a space to reflect on practice (aggregation, network) / meetings f2f and e-meetings, webinars / Research, experimentation and products / exhibitions physical and online / integrated communications using social media.