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Young Lives Data

For Linked Data Demonstrator


The Young Lives Linked Data demonstrator can be accessed via:

The Young Lives data is in the '' graph (you will need to enter this as the default graph IRI to query the data from the SPARQL endpoint web interface).

Individual Records

Individual records are recorded using an adapted RDF data cube.

  • A record exists for each of the 600+ young people in the Peru Health Survey of the Young Lives data.
  • Variables are labelled
    • A few 'Question Groups' exist to collect together questions
    • The LOCATION variable uses ISO 1362 for country and region and the datastore has some of the administrative geography loaded into it.

Aggregate Data

A number of data cubes specifying aggregate data have been created. Each of these has a data structure definition which specifies:

  • The Measure for which statistics are given.
  • The Dimensions along which that statistic has been calculated.

This query will retrieve a list of such DSDs.

The actual data is related to it's DSD by belonging to a dataset with that DSD, so the following query will find all the aggregate statistical datacubes:

prefix qb: <>

SELECT ?observation ?dataset ?dsd WHERE {
  ?dsd a qb:DataStructureDefinition.
  ?dataset qb:structure ?dsd.
  ?observation qb:dataSet ?dataset.

Run It

Missing data is currently not well handled or clearly indicated.

Efforts have been made to find comparable data to Young Lives statistics and to render this into comparable data cubes which have been also loaded into the data store. For example, the dataset captures comparison data from across the Americas for smoking statistics.

Querying the data

Useful prefixes

The following list of prefixes may prove useful when constructing SPARQL queries.

prefix yl: <>
prefix yls: <>
prefix sdmx-measure: <> 
prefix sdmx-dimension: <> 
prefix sdmx-concept: <> 
prefix sdmx-code: <>
prefix geo: <>
prefix qb: <>
prefix rdfs: <>