Oxfam in Mozambique: early years

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In 2012 Robin Palmer, formerly adviser on land issues for Oxfam GB, but also with a wealth of experience in Southern Africa, hit upon the idea of a book on Oxfam’s experiences in Mozambique over the previous 30 years. It was not intended as a self-congratulatory piece but as reflection on programmes of work and the relationships they were based on over a period of massive change in Mozambique and not insignificant change in Oxfam. He invited many of us who had worked there for Oxfam to contribute but sadly, although most were keen to do so, most lacked the time to actually deliver their contributions, so the book has yet to happen. Having been stimulated by his invitation to revisit my experiences, I thought they were at least worth sharing. What is offered is a final draft. It has not been polished for publication and any errors or omissions there may be have gone uncorrected. For these, I apologise.

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