Workspaces:8. IKM2

IKM2: an overview for discussion


This short document presents an overview of developing plans for a second phase of the IKM Emergent Research Programme. The lessons of the first phase are summarized as background, providing the context in which IKM2 will be developed. The background analysis and core arguments of IKM2 are set out. This is followed by a review of some of the main organisational and administrative lessons from IKM1, and some preliminary ideas on how IKM2 would be different. It is proposed that the new IKM2 would, if fully funded, be divided into work on four key themes and four regional hubs. Next, the preliminary outline of the proposed thematic focus of IKM2 is provided under the key themes. Proposed collaboration with networks and organisations is then outlined.


Part I: Introduction

Part II: Background and core arguments

Part III: Lessons from IKM1 and implications for IKM2

Part IV: Key themes

Part V: Collaboration with networks and organisations

Part VI: Next steps